VIER S.T.A. Services


“VIER is able to carry out sophisticated erection thermal power plant projects which meet the most demanding industry standards.”

Turn-key power generation projects

Design /Engineering, Procurement, Erection & Commissioning services for Power Plants

Power Plant Mechanical Erection works

Erection of Boilers

Erection of Power trains (Steam turbines/Gas turbines/Generators and auxiliary systems)

Erection of BOP piping (High / Medium / Low pressure piping systems)

Erection of electrostatic precipitators

Installation of machinery (pumps, lignite mills,condensers, preheaters etc.)

Prefabrication of high pressure parts for Power Plants

Prefabrication of BOP piping (High / Medium / Low pressure piping systems)

Prefabrication of boiler tube serpentines,tube walls, membrane tube walls, burner opening tubes and supply lines.

Power Plant Mechanical Repair works

Reconstruction of Boilers

Repair, Maintenance works of High Pressure parts

Repair works in main equipment and auxiliary systems

Open mines Services

Repair works in lignite excavators and conveyor belts


Representations International Contractors/ Manufacturers/ IPP Investors in Greece

Other Services

Heat Treatment Services (Electric resistance and Induction heat treatment)

Decommissioning of Power and Industrial Plants

Erection of Gas/Oil Pipelines and works at Refineries